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Top 50 Questions
A. Tijuana
B. The Women
C. Travel
D. Prices
E. Hotel and Office
F. Tours
G. Mens Listings/Correspondence
A. Tijuana
1. How big is Tijuana?  3 million people.  The people are a mix of Spanish, African and Native Indian.
2. What is the best location?  All the locations are very good but most men think Tijuana has the best looking women with about 70% of the men getting engaged on their first visit.


3. Is this place safe to go to. I have heard bad things about Mexico?   All our locations in Mexico are safe to go to.  Over 2000 men from the United States go to Mexico each year to meet women in introduction agencies.  None have ever had any problems to our knowledge.  We do not recommend going into the mountains outside the city.


4. Does Tijuana have a airport, what is the symbol?  Yes, the airport symbol for Tijuana is CLO.  Flights come from Miami, Houston, Panama City Panama, and Bogota.  The international airport is in the city.  Most people fly Avianca Airlines, American or Copa Airlines. The airport is 20 minutes from the agency.


5. What is my money worth in Latin America?  The US Dollar and Euro are worth 2-3 times as much.  You can change the money at Cambios or use an ATM or Credit Card with a 4 digit pin number.  There are ATM machines everywhere. The US Dollar is usually worth 2500 pesos.


6. How do I call the USA or Europe from Latin America?  Go to a internet café and ask to use the internet phone.  It goes through the internet and is cheap at around 10 cents a minute.


7, Is there a gym to work out in?  There are 5 large gyms within a 10 minute taxi ride of our office.


8. Is travel to Latin America dangerous?  Cities in South America are not more dangerous than cities of comparable size in the United States.  Remember, we had the Uni-bomber, DC Snipers, Bloods and Crips, Anthrax by Mail, Sept 11 Terrorist attacks, etc.  People are scared to go to the USA as well.  The media loves to dramatize issues to sell news. Although, we do not recommend traveling to Meddelin, Mexico.


9. What is the dialing sequence for calling a Mexican cell phone?  011-57 + 310 or 315 depending on the cell phone company plus the number.


10. What is the weather like in Tijuana?  75-80 in the winter 80-90 in the summer.  It only rains 25 times a year during June, July August. Tijuana does not get hurricanes, it is to far south.


11.  What about clubs and nightlife?  Tijuana has a very good nightlife with around 8 big disco techs open Thursday through Sunday.  There are many nightclubs as well.


B. The Women

1. I am just a average man, why would such beautiful women be interested in meeting me?  You are not average in their eyes, you are very special.  You are a very rare option with qualities, men in her country do not have.  They are convinced men from the USA and Europe are much more faithful. The women also want an older man, they feel the older men are more stable and less likely to cheat on them.


2. Why are Mexican women better than Russian women?  Russia has the highest divorce rate in the world!  Mexico and other Latin countries have the lowest.  Russian women were raised in a society where there is no religion and the people have very cold personalities.  Latin women are raised with the family and values are the center of everything.  The people in Latin America are very warm and are much more friendly than even those in the United States.  American women are very cold and not family oriented by Latin standards.


3. Are these women as materialistic as American women?  Absolutely not! The women in Latin America are typically not materialistic and most live in poverty. We know you will be pleasantly surprised with their honest appreciation of all small gifts, attention and affection they receive.


4.   Why can’t the women in your agencies find good husbands in their own countries? They could find a local man but their options are not good and they prefer men from USA and Europe.  They think we are more sincere, faithful and hard working.  They also find us very different and attractive.  It’s the ultimate example of supply and demand being in our favor. There are many more beautiful, single ladies in our locations than quality men to fill the demand. We need supply, that’s you, the men.


5. What age women should I be dating? Age is looked upon differently in Latin America.  The higher the age, the more stable and sincere the man. Typically the women are looking for a man 10-20 years older.  Here is a quick chart.

Men 25-35 = Women 18-25

Men 36-40 = Women 21-28

Men 41-49 = Women 23-32

Men 50-60 = Women 26-45


6. Do the women just want a Green Card?  Many of our customers retire with their wives in Latin America.  Most would be just as happy if you moved there. Most of our women members would follow a man they love, anywhere.  This question is usually asked by unhappy married men and American women, they both hate our websites.  The American women feel very threatened by it and the married men realize they could have done much better in their choice of a wife. Beware of Latin women with many family members already in the USA.  Information is everything and worth more than money! 


7. How did these ladies find out about your introduction agency?  Most women are referred to us by friends who have had success with our agency.  We also advertise in the local newspapers.


8. Why do most of the women’s profiles say "looking for a faithful or sincere man"?  In Latin America being unfaithful to ones wife has always been part of the Machismo culture. The women think American and European men are more faithful.


9. Is this woman available?  If she is in the profile section, Yes.  We update the profiles every month so around 95% of the women on the website are available. If the woman is not in the profile section expect her to be taken, don't ask us to try to find out.


10. Are the women educated?  Mexicans are the most educated people in Latin America.  Most women in the agency are in college or have a degree.


11. Do the women have children?  About 30% do have children.  If a woman has a child she will marry a much older man.  20-30 years older.  This is why you see 50 year old men with young women age 20-23.  If you have children the women love the family and it is not a problem.


12. I don’t see all the women on the website?  Only around half of the women are on the website.  When you are in the office you can look through all the profiles of the women.  We have the women's profiles in books you can look through with all the detailed information on each woman. You can even send us a list of women in advance of your tour , that way your appointments are already set up for your first day.


13.  How often do you get new women for the agency? We have an average of 5-10 women sign up every day.  We only accept 30% of the woman who apply.  That’s why we have the best looking women in the business.  None are models like some of our competitors have.


14. Why do so many beautiful women want to be in our agency? They want to meet foreign men. Your looks and age are not important, your personality is.  Latin men in Latin America are known for their bad behavior and have many girlfriends on the side.  For this reason, even the families want their daughters to find a man from outside Latin America.


15. Do I need to write letters first? No, most of our clients write no letters.  While you are writing letters, other men are there meeting the women face to face and going on dates with them.  If you can not travel in the next 90 days we advise writing the women and tell them when you are coming to meet them.  This way they may wait to meet you before getting engaged to another man.  You can also place a Men’s Personal Listing so you can see which women are interested in you.


16. Are the women on the website available?  We update the women every month.  So if they are on the website in the profiles section, there is a 95% chance they are available.  


17. Should I send money if a woman asks for it?  Don't do it!  A nice Latin woman would never ask for money, especially if you are not engaged or married.  A nice Latin woman will never ask you how much you make either. 


18. When I go home from the tour will my new girlfriend or fiancé be taking appointments with other men?  No, every man is allowed to take one woman out of the agency.  We remove her profile from the agency books and the internet if you ask.


19. When I bring a woman back on a Fiance or Marriage Visa, will she be able to work?  Yes, she will get a Social Security card in 1-2 weeks after arriving in the USA on a marriage Visa or after getting married and can get a job.  Most women will want to work, they do not want to be stuck in the house all day alone.


20. Do the women speak English?  About half the women speak some English.  Many television stations there are in English so the women understand it better than they speak it. There are movie theaters in English as well for your dates. If you are bringing a woman back to the USA put them in English school for 2-4 months while you are waiting for the Visa.  English schools in South America cost only $100 a month. 


21. Do the women have to pay to be in your agencies?  No, it’s a free service for them. Companies that charge the women have a much smaller selection of women and less quality women.  Remember the poor women are the nicest and appreciate things the most.  The rich ones can be spoiled and lazy because their maid did everything for them while they were growing up.


22. How important are my looks? Most studies show that men seek beauty, and Latin women seek mature, older, healthy, and stable men with the ability to provide for the family. The women need someone they can depend on. Your personality will be the most important factor.


C. Travel


1. How much is the airfare from the United States?  The airfare from Miami is around $400 roundtrip.  Everywhere else in the United States is $600-$700 roundtrip. Go to to find the best rate.  If you are planning to go around Christmas, get your tickets 6 months in advance or be ready to pay $800-$1000 from Miami.


2. Does the tour include airfare?  No, airfare can be more than what the tour cost is. How could that be included?


3. Do I need a Visa?  You only need a passport for Mexico.  The only Visa you need in Latin America is for Brazil.


D. Prices


1. How do I make payment by Money Order?  You must be a member to use our service. Click Here


2. How do I pay by Western Union?  You must be a member to use our service. Click Here


3. How do I pay by credit card?  Go to the website, find the service you want, click the buy now button and enter your information.  If you are having a problem paying online, there is an alternative.  Go to the Western Union website or call them and you can send money using your credit card through Western Union.  or 1-800-Call-Cash.


4. How much money should I bring?  Bring $30-$40 spending money per day plus money for the hotel.  Nothing is expensive but you will need money for lunch, dinner, dates and more dates. Taxis are cheap, you do not need to rent a car.


5. What are the prices?  our prices include airport pick up, hotel, breakfast, unlimited introductions, socials on group Tours, and free translators in the office.  You will need to purchase your airfare separately.  You should bring extra money for your food, dates, and drinks. Prices subject to change. (5 Night Minimum) 

5 Nights = $695.00
7 Nights = $795.00
10 Nights = $995.00
2 weeks = $1395.00
(There is no daily rate)
Most of our guests stay 1-2 weeks


E. Hotel and Office


1. Can we have women in the rooms at the hotel?   The hotels are just like any Holiday Inn hotel in the United States.  Air conditioning and hot water are standard. You are allowed to have guests in your private suite in the hotels.


2. How far is the Hotel from the agency office?  The hotels are 1-4 blocks away depending on the hotel you choose.


3. What is the Hotel like?  See our hotel options.


4. What is the hotel office address and phone number?  We give this information by email out to men who have made a deposit.  We protect this info for the safty of our US clients in Tijuana, can you imagine if we had our address on a website that anyone could see, not a good idea in Mexico.


5. Why can't I just stop by the office in Tijuana and try to negotiate a discount or daily rate?  All reservations are made through our USA office and there is no discount, so do not ask.  The only discounts are for men who have used our service before. We gave a 5 day minimum.


F. Tours

1. What does the Personal Tour include? Private Hotel Suite, Airport Pick up, Unlimited Introductions, Socials and Free Translators.   A personal tour is available any day of the year since our office is open every day.  This is where you pick out women you want to meet from our website profiles or the profiles in our books in Tijuana. You can send us a list of 10-15 women from the website before your trip so you have appointments waiting for you on arrival and no time is wasted.   We then call the women and schedule your appointments one hour apart.  Most men receive 5 appointments per day.  You can ask out the women you like the best from your appointments on dates.  2-3 dates per day is normal.  Lunch date, dinner date, plus a late night dancing or movie date is possible in one day. 


2. How many men are usually on the Group Tours? 10-15 men


3. Do you have a catalog?  Yes, but its all our tour info from the websites for men without internet access.  It is a very small summary.  If you have seen our websites it will not help you. All current info is on the website.  The profiles of the women are only on the websites not in the catalog. This way we keep the womens profiles curent.


4. How long have you been in business?  our first agency opened in Tijuana, Mexico 10 years ago. Today we are the largest agency network in the World.


5. Do you offer cruises? No, we offer 5 days to one month singles Tours in Latin America.  The women live near the agency office and come in for a one on one appointment to meet you with the help of our translator. our tour parties are on location as well.  Singles Cruises are for American men and women, our customers do not want American women, most are looking for more traditional Latin Women.


6. Does this really work?  For the 70% of our clients who get engaged on the first trip, the answer is yes.  We think the other 10% of the men are not serious and just want to play. Many men go to Latin America 2-3 times a year to play. Only you can help your self and make the trip.  All of our owners and employees are married to Latin women from our agencies.


7. There are so many different agencies out there, who can I trust?  1. Do not trust agencies without an onsite introduction office.  This means they do not pre-screen their women members. Make sure you see pictures of the office on their website as well. 2. Do not trust agencies with obvious models in their websites profile section like Miss Mexico and models from Peru in bathing suits.  Miss Mexico is not in an introduction agency even if many of the women do look like her.  3. Russia has the highest divorce rate in the world.  Why would anyone go to Russia to find a wife?  We hear so many horror stories about women from Russia, even though they are beautiful.  Prepare to get burned by the Russian women and remember "We told you!"


8. What is the best location for black men, I hear the women are prejudice in some locations?  The best locations for black men are Barranquilla, Tijuana and the Dominican Republic.  Most women have a little black in them and some women prefer black men.


9. I can’t get off work during the tour dates?  No problem, our offices are open every day of the year and we offer Personal Tours every day.  You get unlimited one on one introductions with the women of your choice.


10. Some Big Tour Operations says they have done more singles events than any other agency?  Big Tour Operators do about 8-12 Tours a year, but we average 36 Tours a year.  You do the math.  Note, many companies do not have any introduction offices in any Latin America locations.  They do not even offer one on one introductions with the profiled women you want to meet.


11.  How are your tour parties different from your competitors?  We invite prescreened, high quality women that already belong to our agency.  We also invite woman in a reasonable ratio like 5-10 women to every man.  Other services run ads in the paper and have 300-400 unscreened women, prostitutes, scammers and everything else show up at other agency parties.  Another problem with their tour parties is you do not have time to talk with the women of your choice, because so many undesirable women are trying to talk to you, while the women you really like are talking to the other 40 men. That’s why we get so many of our competitors ex-customers that had a bad experience.


G. Men's Listings/Correspondence


1. What Services do you offer?  Correspondence by cour ier service, Men’s Personal Listings, Group Tours, and Personal Tours.


2. How does the Men's Personal Listing Work?  For the Men's Personal Listing, you send in 1-4 photos of your self along with a 150 work biography about your self and what type of woman you are looking for. The women will write you first so be sure to include your email address and physical address.  The Mens Listing is good for one full year and is posted in our  Tijuana Office.  It can be paid for on the website with a credit card or you can pay by Money Order or Western Union.


3. How does the correspondence work? Its not possible with the new Marriage Broker act. See link at bottom of page.  Your government makes it easier for a man to marry another man that a foreign women.  Thank George Bush.

4. How does a Personal Tour work?  A personal tour is available any day of the year since our office is open every day.  This is where you pick out women you want to meet from our website profiles or the profiles in our books in Tijuana. You can send us a list of 10-15 women from the website before your trip so you have appointments waiting for you on arrival and no time is wasted.   We then call the women and schedule your appointments one hour apart.  Most men receive 5 appointments per day.  You can ask out the women you like the best from your appointments on dates.  2-3 dates per day is normal.  Lunch date, dinner date, plus a late night dancing or movie date is possible in one day. 


5. How does the Group Tour work?  The Group Tour is the same as a Personal Tour except there are parties/socials on Friday and Saturday Nights.  There is also a pool party on Sunday if there are more than 4 men. The benefit of the Group Tours is there are parties/socials but normally 10-15 men.  The benefits of the Personal Tour is you get more personal service and there are less men to compete with. 

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